Traffic Infractions

We have extensive history handling alleged traffic violations. For traffic infractions and speeding tickets, the vast majority of the time we can handle your case in court without you needing to appear. You will find our fees are quite reasonable, particularly when you consider our success rate. We proudly and aggressively represent our clients in all Snohomish County and Skagit County courts. Call 360-659-4950 or 888-WA-LAW-NW (888-925-2969) for more information.

Impact of Traffic Infractions

Are you facing license suspension or high insurance rates because of too many traffic violations? Washington State, and Skagit, Snohomish and King Counties in particular, treat traffic violators very seriously. If you receive too many traffic infractions, or fail to respond to and pay a traffic infraction, your license may be suspended or revoked by the Department of Licensing. These suspensions may last for a matter of months up to several years.

In addition, many people who receive speeding tickets or other traffic infractions often experience dramatic hikes in their insurance premiums. Do not ignore or put off handling your speeding tickets or other traffic infractions – you typically only have 15 days to respond. Having your ticket handled by an experienced, effective attorney can save you significant money and possibly your license.

The Common Mistake

Many people simply pay a traffic ticket or traffic infraction, thinking there is nothing that can be done. DO NOT DO THIS. Your ticket can, and should be, fought by an experienced and aggressive lawyer. Contest your ticket and ensure your license, your money and your interests, are protected.

What We Do

We know the laws, statutes, court rules, local court rules, evidentiary rules, court procedures and scientific principles necessary to beat your speeding ticket or other traffic infraction.

We will fight hard, using all our knowledge, to either beat your ticket or have it dismissed. And even if that’s not possible, we can usually achieve a result that will not drive up your insurance rates, require traffic safety courses or result in a suspended license.

Unless we determine it is necessary, once you hire us to represent you, your involvement is over. We submit discovery requests, we subpoena cops and other experts and we file motions on your behalf. We show up to court, armed with our knowledge, so you don’t have to.