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August 26

Felony Drug Delivery set for dismissal

Recently, Ashbach Law Offices, LLC of negotiated an agreement with the prosecutors to reduce our client’s Felony Drug Delivery accusation to a simple misdemeanor, with an agreement to dismiss the charge after completion of sixteen hours of community service.

Any drug conviction has the potential for long term ramifications, including loss of federal benefits, job disqualification, inability to secure rental housing, social stigma, and other ramifications. A felony drug delivery accusation has even more negative consequences (felony on record, loss of gun rights, loss of right to vote, significant jail or prison time) and must be aggressively fought.

We were able to achieve a great result for out client, preventing a conviction for Felony Drug Delivery. In fact, no conviction will occur as the misdemeanor will be reduced upon compliance with community service. Having this Felony Drug accusation dismissed will result in significant life benefits for our client.

Ashbach Law Offices, LLC fights hard for great results. We strive for dismissals, reductions, and ‘not guilty’ verdicts to protect our clients. If you, or someone you care about, has been charged with a Felony Drug accusation, call our office for a free, no-pressure consultation to learn what we can do for you. Visit our AVVO page to learn more about us.

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