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Kirkland Municipal Court has moved

Kirkland Municipal Court has moved to Kirkland Justice Center at 11740 NE 118th St, Kirkland, WA 98034. From now all, all criminal and traffic allegations will be handled at that location. If you, or someone you care about, has been charged with a criminal or traffic offense, contact Ashbach Law Offices, LLC today at

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    DUIs in Washington – Very Expensive

    The average cost for a Washington State DUI conviction can be quite high – much higher than the maximum fine under the DUI penalty statutes. is reporting that the true cost of a DUI conviction in Lynnwood, Washington ranges between seven thousand dollars and eleven thousand dollars. In Edmonds, Washington, the true cost of a DUI appears roughly the s...

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    Bad Blood Draws

    The Daily American in Pennsylvania is reporting that many tests for blood-alcohol content level in Somerset County have been incorrectly performed, erroneously resulting in significantly higher results. In some cases, this has been overestimated by as much as fifteen percent. For blood alcohol levels around the per se limits of .08, this can have a dramatic impact, pu...

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    Mandatory Ignition Interlock or SCRAM After Arraignment

    RCW 10.21.055 addresses situations in which a person who is arraigned for an alcohol-based DUI or Physical Control has a "prior offense" in the past (regardless of time frame). In those instances, the court must order that person to either wear a 24/7 alcohol monitoring device, or have a functioning device installed on all motor vehicles operated by the person, or bot...

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