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June 11

Assault & Disorderly Conduct Dismissed

Yesterday, Ashbach Law Offices, LLC achieved dismissals for both counts our client was facing on the day of trial. Our client was charged with Assault 4 and Disorderly Conduct from a dispute captured on video. Through hard work, research, preparation and case analysis, we are able to get both allegations dismissed, saving our client from significant jail time, fines, probation and a criminal record.
The Assault 4 (Assault in the Fourth Degree) and Disorderly Conduct allegations were charged out of the City of Snohomish and filed in Evergreen District Court in Monroe, Washington. These cases were dismissed with prejudice, meaning they can never be refiled.
Assault and Disorderly Conduct allegations such as these, while not felonies, can cause significant problems, such as jail, employment disqualification, treatment, travel and background check issues.
Our goal at Ashbach Law Offices, LLC is to aggressively represent our clients to achieve the best possible outcome in each case. To increase your chance of having your case dismissed, choose an aggressive, effective law firm with a strong track record of achieving great results for their clients. Choose Ashbach Law Offices, LLC.
We represent clients up and down the I-5 Corridor, covering Skagit, Snohomish, King and Whatcom Counties. Whether you are faced with a felony, gross misdemeanor or simple misdemeanor, let us fight for you. We help good people in bad situations. Let us help you.
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